Snapchat announced rolling out a much-needed feature – the ability to change usernames – for all iOS and Android users.

Snapchat said this won’t affect any of the current codes, friends list, or snap scores, and is limited to changing only one username per year. Also, there’s an integration with Ticketmaster for viewing entertainment shows happening around, through Snap map.

Snapchat Username Change: Here’s How To Do It

Usernames are something that let your friends identify you, or give you a unique handle name to set you apart from clones. As it’s important, people always try setting a unique one based on current interests and stick it to forever. While it’s good to have a static username, people always wanted to change based on new interests.

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And it’s impossible in most social media platforms today, but Snapchat! The platform has just announced the ability to change usernames for both iOS and Android users, starting February 23rd. Saying that it’s one of the highly requested features, Snapchat is limiting the changing of usernames only once per year.

Also, changing it won’t affect any of the current friend lists, Snap codes, Snap scores, memories, etc. One thing to note here is that users can’t be able to select a username that’s previously been used.

So if you’re interested in changing yours, go to the Profile section by tapping on the Bitmoji icon in the top left corner. Here, go to Settings and click on Username to find the “change username” option marked in blue. Hit on it and enter the desired username, and click on “next” to save the changes.

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This feature was spotted by Alessandro Paluzzi back in October 2021 and now turned out official. The platform also partnered with Ticketmaster to show live entertainment events happening around, through its Snap Map. Also, there’s a new Ticketmatcher Mini feature to match users with events they might be interested, in based on their preferences.


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