Sonos is reportedly making the successor of its Five flagship speakers – named the Optimo 2. This new speaker is as big as the current Sonos Five, and is able to fire audio on all sides, says The Verge, who has seen the early images of it.

Further, it’s said to come with double the RAM and 8x more flash memory than its predecessors, giving room for more power and storage. It will support connectivity through WiFi, Bluetooth, and also through the USB-C port, which hasn’t been in any of Sonos speakers yet.

A Real Flagship Speaker from Sonos

A lawsuit from Google isn’t stopping Sonos by any level, as the latter is preparing its next flagship speaker with multiple upgrades. As seen by The Verge, some early images of upcoming Sonos speakers have revealed their design and specifications.

The bunch includes three speakers – Optimo 1, Optimo 2, and Optimo 1 SL. While the Optimo 1 is a small speaker with regular features and mini upgrades, the SL version is “speechless,” – which means it won’t come with microphones and support for voice control.

But the Optimo 2 is a grand one, equipped with all the flagship features from Sonos. Its encasing design in a dual-angled shell will let it fire sound in nearly all directions, even from the top! Leaked images show it being in a huge size similar to Five – a Sonos flagship speaker launched in 2015, and slightly upgraded last year.

The Optimo 2 will reportedly come with 2x RAM and 8x the flash memory of its predecessors and will be launched in black and white color options. Hoping that Sonos would pass updates for a longer time to this one, Optimo 2 will support connectivity through not just WiFi and Bluetooth but also through USB-C port!

The USB-C line-in playback is something that’s missing in all the Sonos speakers all these years. Even though the previous flagship Five supports plugging in an audio jack, it’s only through the 3.5mm dedicated port.


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