Spotify founder Daniel Ek has entered the healthcare industry with a new company called Neko Health which offers to scan a whole human body in minutes to produce scientific results.

Their device is a cylindrical body scanner with over 70 sensors to detect heart function, blood pressure, birthmarks, pulse, etc., in just a few minutes! The initial slots for testing in this method have already been sold out, costing around $190 each.

Neko Health – A 360° Health Scanner

Clearing up the rumors that Daniel Ek (Spotify founder) is venturing into the healthcare industry, a LinkedIn post shared this week revealed that he, along with another person named Hjalmar Nilsonne, have invented the new body-scanning machine.

Named Neko Health, the new healthcare company claims to scan a human body accurately and produce results in a few minutes – with the help of AI. With a vision of keeping people healthy with preventive measures and early detection, Neko Health said they had done intense research and product development for four years.

As per the company’s website, it’s offering – a 360° full-body scanner that can detect and measure the growth of birthmarks, rashes, and age spots, alongside checking for abnormalities in heart function, blood pressure, and pulse with a separate scanner.

The device is fitted with more than 70 sensors to scan more than 50 million data points on skin, heart, vessels, respiration, microcirculation, and more.

The collected data is then sent to a “self-learning AI-powered system” to analyze and state the results to doctors and patients. There’s an accompanying app for patients to check the results as they’re being analyzed.

This move from Daniel Ek comes at a time when the healthcare costs in Sweden and all around the European Union are rising. So with a device that can produce scanning results in a few minutes, it’s a game changer in working accurately. The initial slots for getting scanned through this were already sold out – costing 2,000 SEK (around $190 USD).


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