With more iPhones being stolen than ever in the last couple of years, experts warn users to upgrade their device authentication to use alphanumeric passwords instead of a simple 6-digit passcode.

Phone theft is not uncommon in the Android community, too, as perpetrators can bypass the device’s initial authentication easily and may steal internal data for more malicious attacks. Thus, upgrading to more secure means is the need of the time.

Upgrade For a Better Security

With Apple creating a stereotype that people carrying iPhones are of a high standard, these users have also become a high-value target for thieves. In the last couple of years, the trend of people stealing iPhones has risen sharply – forcing users to be more secure today.

A report from Wall Street Journal’s Joanna Stern revealed that people stealing iPhones in recent days are doing so by some form of social engineering attacks – like diverting you onto something or asking you to share photos by grabbing your device, or more simply viewing your passcode being entered in plain sight!

Since you can’t always avoid social engineering, or as they come up with novel forms of stealing your device: the best you can do here is secure your phone better to stay safe. And it’s possible by upgrading to an alphanumeric password – instead of using a simple passcode.

The same is also the case for Android phones too, but maybe not that evident. And all these efforts aren’t just for reselling it for some quick cash, but in a more dangerous practice, these perpetrators can access the sensitive data stored in your phone – like any bank account details or more personal stuff, and use them for stealing funds or blackmailing!

They can easily create credit profiles based on your identity or even make fraud by impersonating you – all these while you’re juggling to stop them by contacting banks or emergency contacts.

Thus, it’s highly recommended to upgrade these too much harder ones – like the alphanumeric format. It’d be even better if you can attack a hardware security key in this authentication process, like a YubiKey, which makes cracking in more difficult.


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