Susquehanna, an investment firm that often rates several companies in key technology areas, has now reversed its rating on Intel from negative to neutral.

This is due to Intel’s competitive chips in recent times – where the company is claiming back its share in the PC market. Though AMD has a bunch of strong chips lined up this year, they are mostly delayed for various reasons, giving Intel the lead it needed.

The Blue Team is Bouncing Back

Though being competitors for decades, AMD and Intel have been fighting vigorously in the last few years – where the former is gaining the upper hand in all the key segments where the latter used to shine.

Well, this page of AMD seems to halt this year – as Intel placed its 12th and 13th generation chips more competitively during the last couple of years. As noted by Susquehanna, an investment firm, Intel’s 12th and 13th gen PC chips are more competitive than AMD counterparts – forcing it to reverse its negative rating on Intel to neutral.

Though AMD has more potential chips like Ryzen 7040 Phoenix CPUs and the X3D chips, they’re all slated to come later this year – leaving enough period for Intel to grow better. Also, the blue team is fairly competing in the server market, too – with its latest Sapphire Rapids standing strong against AMD’s EPYC and Threadripper series.

While we expect AMD to bounce back soon, the company does not have any SKUs based on the recent AM5 platform under the sub $250 range – a serious segment to focus on. Intel, on the other hand, has offered several SKUs in the same range at attractive costs.

Anyway, we wait to see what 2023 holds for the teams – with Chipzilla’s recent Sapphire Rapids routed to face brutal competition against AMD’s EPYC Genoa, Bergamo, and Genoa-X CPUs – all coming this year.


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