Swissport International, a company that provides various airport services has been hit with a ransomware attack, as it disclosed today.

The company detected this incident yesterday morning and is said to have contained most of the impact. Yet, some of the services are disrupted, causing delays of some flights depending on it. While Swissport is investigating the issue deeper, no ransomware group has claimed the attack yet.

Ransomware Attack on Swissport

Swissport Hit With a Ransomware AttackWith the serving capacity of over 280 million passengers and 4.8 million tons of cargo every year, Swissport International is an important part of the aviation industry today. The company has been serving about 310 airports in 50 countries, offering cargo handling, security, maintenance, cleaning, and lounge hospitality services.

As it’s so important, any disruption in its activities can affect all the airports relying on it significantly. And it’s happening! The company has disclosed a ransomware attack on a part of its IT infrastructure, affecting the services it’s providing now to its clients.

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While Swissport didn’t detail about the incident, it’s said to have detected the cyberattack on 6 AM of Thursday, which caused minor delays for 22 flights yesterday. The delay is between 3 and 20 minutes, says a spokesperson of Zurich Airport, one of Swissport’s clients to Der Spiegel.

While Swissport is said to have largely contained the attacks, it’s struggling to restore the services back to normal. As of now, the website of Swissport is still down, as accessing it results in an error.

Also, Swissport said that few items like the ground services for airlines can continue without IT systems, although some delays should be expected. While more details are yet to be known, no ransomware gang has claimed behind this hack yet.


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