Telegram’s new app update has many new features for both regular and premium users. Some of the included access to infinite reactions – users can react to messages with any emoji they like.

Premium users can even make custom emojis and react to a message with three emojis. Further, there are emoji statuses, a custom username-based profile link for sharing, a revamped downloads section, and an easier login process.

Telegram New Features

With Telegram being one of the frequently developed platforms, it’s no wonder we see many new features in every update. In the latest one, we have access to infinite reactions, previously available only for Premium users.

Users can use any emoji in their list to react to a message again, with the premium users having more ability to make their custom emojis too. Also, the reaction panel has been revamped to include frequently used emojis at the top.

Aside from this, users can now react with three emojis per message in their conversations. Further, there are Emoji Statuses made especially for Premium users – letting them set up animated emojis next to their names in their profiles. This may signify their mood – similar to the Premium badge.

Also, there’s the ability to share your profile with new username links – in the format “ This makes it easier to let people know your account while being fun and more authentic. The new update has also revamped the downloads section on Android and how users manage them.

At last, there’s support for Android 13’s Material You design for the Telegram app if you’re running on a compatible device and Android 13. And the login process too has been simplified by users receiving login codes via email or while signing in via Apple ID or Google ID.

All these features are available to users globally, starting today. Make sure to update your app to see them.


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