Maharashtra Cyber Police have today warned users about a malicious campaign that’s actively sending fake TikTok app. The app, named TikTok Pro, is similar to the originally banned app and asks for permissions to sensitive data access like a mic, storage, camera, etc. But instead, it’s found to be stealing sensitive data, thus advised not to install. It’s spread through WhatsApp and general messages.

Police Warns About Fake TikTok Apps

In the wake of the TikTok ban by the Indian government, many local players have started mimicking a similar app to cash the craze. In this pursuit, fraudsters too are actively developing fake apps to exploit users. As per Maharashtra Cyber Cell, malicious players are taking advantage of the TikTok’s popularity, and sending an app link named TikTok Pro via WhatsApp and general messages.

This fake app is seen so similar to actual TikTok and asks for permissions like camera, mic, gallery, etc to steal sensitive data from your phone. These can even be importing other malicious payloads to infect further, and snoop on users. Thus, cyber police have advised users not to respond to such apps. Instead, delete any such suspicious apps and strictly, stop forwarding to anyone in your community.

The Indian government has banned TikTok and 58 other Chinese apps over security reasons last week. Thus, all those apps wouldn’t be available from Playstore or Appstore. So users are recommended to avoid using them and strictly not to download apps from external app stores. If you’re previously a TikTok user and searching for the best alternative, you can try one of these apps.


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