After Mike Pompeo revealed US plans of ban TikTok in the country, a high-profile candidate comes with a solution to avoid that fate. Larry Kudlow, White House Economic Advisor said that TikTok detaching from its Chinese parent company and operating as an American company can be the solution. This means the app servers should be located in America, and not in China.

White House Offical Suggests a Workaround for TikTok Ban

TikTok in past was accused of numerous allegations including security, origin, and privacy. Though the company claims to be pure, revelations by third-party apps and researchers caught TikTok being insecure. This is when a duo researchers proved the app’s insecure about communications and sending traffic over HTTP, which can be intercepted. Further, Apple’s new iOS 14 has blown TikTok by revealing the app’s clipboard content-copying operation.

Besides, the short-video recording app has been accused of being Chinese and can be easily leveraged by the Chinese government to snoop data of users in critical times. All these reasons sum up to blame TikTok and avoid using it. Yet, the app has millions of active users worldwide. And recently, Trump’s administration called to be banning TikTok in the US over security reasons soon.

This move was driven by trade tensions and also the president blaming China’s Xi Jinping over failed actions on Coronavirus. Further, India’s move of banning TikTok and 58 other Chinese apps last month has even pushed the US to proceed with a similar ban quickly. But, White House Economic Advisor, Larry Kudlow came up with a solution on Wednesday.

He said TikTok pulling out of ByteDance, it’s parent company based in China, and setting up as an independent company in the US could work instead of banning it completely. This means the app’s data servers will be established in the US, thus data being governed by US regulations. He said that reports of TikTok planning the same is in the process too. The Chinese company has even appointed Kevin Mayer as CEO last month, who was the Head of Streaming for Disney till then.

Via: The Hindu


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