In a move to engage more users, TikTok is coming up with a trivia game called “TikTok Trivia” – for US users aged over 18.

It’s scheduled to happen over the course of 5 days, with multiple-choice questions on various subjects like beauty, lifestyle, music, and sports. People participating in this will have to go through a bunch of rounds daily – in live video trivia sessions – with the final winner taking a grand pool prize of $500,000!

TikTok Trivia in the US

Reviving the concept of now-defunct HQ Trivia – a live video trivia game for anyone to participate and earn real money – TikTok is coming with its own similar game called “TikTok Trivia” in the US.

Scheduled to start from February 22nd onwards, the trivia will happen over a 5-day span. Users aged 18 years or older are eligible to participate and may win a total share of a $500,000 prize pool ultimately!

Well, this may be as easy as you think – as you should be well aware of questions related to beauty, lifestyle, music, and sports. In the first three days, TikTok Trivia will have two live sessions per day, with each an hour long. The sessions will begin at 8 PM ET and 9 PM ET, with each set of 12 questions. Winners in the first session will split a $30,000 reward, while the second session winners will split a $70,000 reward.

The final rounds on the last two days are called the special “Survival Rounds” – that tougher questions to eliminate the most – the last group standing will split a $100,000 prize pool – making the overall pool worth $500,000. If you’re eligible (aged 18 and above) and interested, you can register for this by hitting on the TikTok Trivia widget in For You feed or visiting the @TikTok account for detailed instructions.

This game is presented by Lionsgate and “John Wick Chapter 4,” so users can expect at least some trivia questions to be based on the “John Wick” franchise. Enrolled participants must attend the trivia sessions on time and answer all questions correctly for a chance to win the prize money.


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