While the entire world is fighting to contain the COVID-19, Indian youth has something else to care about. Since last week, supporters of both YouTube and TikTok are fighting against each other on with whatever they can, online. And this doesn’t seem to be settling anytime soon. So better know what exactly happened, and decide if you should care about this or not!

We’re always like this!

It seems harsh, but it’s true. We Indians are religious, emotional, and sometimes stupid. Though we have a lot of important things like job, family, economy, etc to care about, we’re much interested in poking into others lives. And a recent incident fueling this desi habit is the fight between YouTubers and TikTokers.

TikTok vs YouTube
TikTok vs YouTube

It all started with a YouTuber named Elvish Yadav, who posted a video criticizing TikTokers of their dramatic behaviors. He commented on actors’ intelligence, mocking dank make-ups, males playing homosexual roles, etc. Though some indeed perform as called, it is, still their wish. These comments of calling TikTok as cringe content platform led few TikTok starts like Amir Siddiqui and Revolver Rani recoil at YouTubers.

And this eventually dragged CarryMinati in, one of India’s popular YouTubers with 17+ million subscribers. CarryMinati made a video as YouTube vs TikTok: The End last week, which shook the internet, at least in India. His video of mocking Amir Siddiqui’s reply on YouTuber’s comments has garnered over 70+ million views before being taken down by YouTube. Yes, ranged TikTokers have bulk reported CarryMinati’s video as violating YouTube’s policies and reasoned in pulling the video down.

This hiked the community fights to even more, as YouTube supporters started a campaigned in Twitter as #JusticeForCarry and #CarryMinati. They didn’t stop there. Many other YouTubers like Harsh Beniwal, Tech reviewer Technical Guruji, etc have made their contributions too. And the big hit lately made by YouTube supporters is the down-rating of the TikTok app in Playstore!

TikTok’s Google Playstore rating was fallen to 2.0, all the way from 4.5 in just a week! Its counterpart, TikTok lite on the hand had the same fate too. It’s now having 1.1 ratings from 4+ in the past week. And with users reporting it is raising every day, the future conditions of TikTok don’t seem to be good.

And this should be stopped. The choice of creating desired content is acceptable in this democratic nation unless it’s defaming anyone else. And TikTokers, aren’t doing anything harmful. But YouTubers feel that as shameful! Sadly, TikTokers are considered as Shudras of the Internet, with some perceiving them as low-class people making time-pass videos and boasting themselves as popular online influencers.

Many who’ve reported in Playstore reasoned their down-ratings as, TikTok’s algorithm is lenient enough to push any cheap content up, giving it enough reach to make it popular. And this led many low-quality TikTokers to go popular overnight. This sudden surge of interest led YouTubers, on the other hand, who work hard to rank their content up as YouTube considers pushing only qualitative content up.

But, that’s all up to people and their perceptions. Calling TikTokers as homosexuals and their content cringe doesn’t make one popular. It just shows the insecurities of those who’re calling it so. Whatever, we shall see how this senseless fight will wind up over time.


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