Not even a week that Trump’s new social media platform was announced, it’s already in the crosshairs of license and copyright issues.

It’s reported that TRUTH Social is made using the source code of Mastodon, free and open-source software for creating such social platforms. And its licensing terms state that anyone using the code should share their platform’s source code with the public! And the TRUTH Social isn’t.

TRUTH Social Should be Made Open-Source

Just a couple of days ago, the former US president has announced his own social media platform, named TRUTH Social. It’s said to be encouraging “an open, free, and honest global conversation without discriminating against political ideology.”

It’s maintained by Trump Media and Technology Group (TMTG) and is set to raise more funding for growth. While it’s gearing up to launch invite-only access next month, TRUTH Social is seen running a beta version earlier today. And it’s already facing backlash for license infringement.

As per reports, the TRUTH Social is made using the source code of Mastodon, free and open-source software for running Twitter-like platforms. And using its code means the product should be made open-source too, states one of its terms.

And TRUTH Social is violating it by keeping it private. Thus, the Software Freedom Conservancy the governing authority of AGPLv3 under which the Mastodon was licensed, is now demanding the Trump Media and Technology Group to open up it for the public.

It has given a 30-day time period for TMTG to respond with an action or will be charged with a lawsuit for a license violation. Talking on this warning, the Software Freedom Conservancy said

That’s how AGPLv3’s cure provision works — no exceptions — even if you’re a real estate mogul, reality television star, or even a former POTUS.


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