Weeks after abandoning the new Blue subscription, Twitter is finally relaunching it again – on December 12th.

The revamped Blue subscription is tweaked again to include colored badges for accounts based on their nature, an increased subscription price for iOS users, and a mandatory profile verification before offering the blue checkmark.

Twitter Blue Revamped Subscription

One of the many things that Musk messed up with Twitter is its Blue subscription which created havoc in the community. The stance of letting anyone get a blue checkmark without proper verification led to the rise of impersonation attacks, with one company losing billions of its market value overnight.

So to avoid such things from happening, Elon Musk decided to offer different colored badges for Twitter accounts based on their nature. He noted earlier that a gold-colored badge would be coming to corporate accounts, while a grey-colored badge for government and “multilateral accounts”.

Further, Twitter isn’t going to offer these badges as easily as earlier. The platform will thoroughly check the accounts before attesting with a badge. Also, Twitter warned that the verified users changing their display name or profile photo would temporarily lose the blue verified badge and will be up again after a re-verification.

This is needed, considering the rise of imposters due to the non-checking of accounts earlier. Moreover, the new Blue subscription will have an increased price for users subscribing through iOS!

As per reports, it could cost Apple users $11 a month (originally $8 a month) if they’re subscribing through App Store – as Apple takes a 30% cut. So to avoid this, users may signup for the Blue subscription through the Twitter website. All this is coming on December 12th, so stay tuned.


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