Listening to the community’s plea, Twitter earlier this month revealed that it’s finally bringing the edit button to tweets on its platform.

While it didn’t say anything else other than it’s coming to Blue users soon, few leakers have showcased how this feature will look and work. As of now, it’s just known to edit only the text of an already published tweet, and the audience remains unchanged.

Twitter Edit Button First Look

Just as every software community has its own demands, Twitter’s community has long been begging the platform to let them edit tweets they posted. But, Jack Dorsey, Twitter’s co-founder, and former CEO said they won’t add this support in the future, considering too many negative consequences.

Yet, we see Twitter is working to bring this support soon, finally! The platform has confirmed working on this feature since last year and will be rolling to its Blue subscribers in the coming. As we wait to see it coming, reliable leaker, Alessandro Paluzzi shared screenshots of this new feature, revealing how it’d work like.

As per them, the edit button is stuffed into the three-dot menu of a published tweet and will let you edit the text once tapped. A GIF of this feature shared by Nima Owji later also showed the same, with the ability to edit only the text and nothing else.

He also noted that you can not change the audience after posting a tweet, which you may think is possible with the edit feature. Apart from this, it’s unknown whether this feature will let change the entire text or only a small part of it. And, is unclear how many times a person is allowed to edit.

Also, we don’t know what rules Twitter is laying down for handling retweets and quotes tweets on edited tweets. We shall see all these features coming soon, when it rolls to Blue subscribers, a paid version of Twitter with some exclusive features.


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