After testing for over six months, Twitter is finally rolling out its new tweet reporting scheme to more people around the world.

The new Report Tweet will let users offer more information to Twitter and help it decide better when acting on it. Contrary to the old style of reporting tweets, where only a few options were given for users, people can now explain the issue better and even expand in a description box for better understanding. This is now available on iOS, Android, and web versions of Twitter.

New Way of Reporting Tweets

Twitter is one of the many social media platforms that’s often curled up with misinformation issues. Since the platform offers a free speech ability to anyone, people use this right to demean, accuse, appreciate, and mock others.

Since some of them can be intriguing and harmful, it’s the duty of Twitter to spot and act on them. While it does so, it relies on the community too to help them in finding the wrong tweets. But, the current way of reporting tweets isn’t that great, allowing users only to choose from a few options on why they’re reporting a tweet.

This often leads to moderators ignoring sensitive tweets or making wrong actions. Thus, Twitter announced a new reporting policy last December, which will allow users to offer more information on why tweets are being reported.

This was trialed in the US late last year and resulted in being an effective means. Twitter said the number of actionable reports increased by 50%, letting Twitter remove the more bad stuff. Since it worked, it’s now expanding this to more people, the platform said.

With the help of different designers, researchers, and writers, Twitter’s new tweet reporting scheme has the potential to identify more trends and categories of harassment and spam. It comes with more options to understand the context of the reported tweet, with a detailed description of each.

Users can even write it down in a blank description box to explain their cause better. In the end, Twitter summarizes the whole report before submitting it for review. Though this is currently available only in English, Twitter may add more languages to receive more typical reports based on different regions.


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