Twitter Spaces, the Clubhouse clone from Twitter said last year, that it will allow users to record a Space for listening to it later. As this was initially available to only a few users, the platform now makes it available for all.

This support isn’t available in the web vertical though but in iOS and Android clients. Also, the hosts who record the session can keep it only for 30 days, after which it will be automatically deleted. If you want to listen later, update your clients and start recording the desired Space.

Recording a Twitter Space For Later

Watching the popularity of Clubhouse last year, many tech giants have started their own clones for taking a part in the growing audio-only chat rooms industry. Twitter is one among them, where it started something like Spaces.

Twitter Spaces is similar to Clubhouse, where it allows users to host audio-only chat sessions, having a bunch of selected hosts talking and others listening to them. Hosts can pick desired listeners to co-host, schedule sessions, and even monetize them through various ticket rates.

Adding one more feature to this, Twitter last year announced supporting the recording of a Space session. This will let users listen to their desired Spaces in their free time. While it’s significantly helpful, it’s just limited to a few hosts only since announced.

But now, it’s coming to everyone, as per Twitter. The platform’s support account revealed this in a tweet, saying that all hosts on Android and iOS Twitter clients can now record their sessions, for their community to listen to later. This support is not available to the web version as of now, as users can only listen to Spaces.

Twitter is working rapidly on Spaces to expand and monetize on it. The platform has started inducing ads in sequential tweet replies earlier and is doing more to earn and expand.


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