In a meeting that was partially heard by The Verge, Elon Musk reportedly said that Twitter would hire new roles – and would stop firing more people.

Further, Musk has detailed his plans to all the remaining employees while also talking about the new Blue subscription. Regarding the new hires, Musk noted that people who are good at writing software are a high priority.

Musk Meeting With Twitter Employees

After firing thousands of employees, including those from critical top roles like the sales and partnerships teams, Elon Musk is now hiring new people for Twitter. This comes from The Verge, which heard a partial hearing of the company’s meeting.

Musk had earlier asked the remaining employees to commit to “extremely hardcore” work at Twitter and now cleared the rest of the doubts they had. Regarding the hiring of new roles, the new CEO said;

“In terms of critical hires, people who are great at writing software are the highest priority.”

And since it was the first time Musk had met all his Twitter employees (the remaining ones) – everyone asked questions – including the future of the platform and whether he has plans for moving its San Francisco HQ to Texas, just like Tesla.

Musk quashed having any such plans as of now, but it sounded sensible for Twitter to have two headquarters in the country. Further, he said that Twitter “must represent people with a wide array of views even if we disagree with those views.”

Further answering questions about the inner workings of the company, Musk said they won’t be relaunching the paid version system – the new Blue subscription – until the end of this month. This is widely due to the impersonation attacks, risen steeply after the initial rollout of this feature.

It’s evident that several notable personalities and companies have lost their reputation due to this new verification system, where anyone can get a verified badge by paying $8 a month. As the cases grew, Musk stopped this program and said they’ll reintroduce it when the complete is better confident.


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