After a revamped Blue subscription, the next step that Mr. Musk is taking to tune Twitter is – cutting over 3,700 jobs at Twitter! That’s nearly 50% of the current workforce.

Well, all employees expected this to happen eventually ever since Elon Musk took over Twitter. An official announcement regarding the job cuts will happen as soon as this week. Also, Musk is keen to end the remote work policy at Twitter, asking the employees to work at the office daily.

Job Cuts and Twitter

Attaining the wish to acquire his favorite social platform, Elon Musk has been making sweeping changes to Twitter ever since. He revamped the homepage for logged-out users, made critical announcements regarding the Blue subscription, and now talks about potential layoffs.

As reported by Bloomberg, Twitter may soon lay off 3,700 employees, over 50% of its entire workforce, to save up the costs. Earlier, Musk quashed the reports of dismissing 75% of the Twitter workforce but confirmed laying off a significant portion.

He and his team of advisers are currently finalizing the terms for layoffs and considering a severance pay of 60 days for the dumped employees. Twitter employees in leadership roles were reportedly asked to make lists of the staff members that can be cut.

And people who haven’t directly contributed to the Twitter code may see the cuts! Musk had already dismissed the former CEO, financial officer, general counsel, and others in executive roles. And an official word on the more layoffs will come as soon as Friday.

Aside from this, Musk is also planning to end Twitter’s work-from-anywhere policy and ask employees to work at offices, with some exceptions given to certain employees in certain situations. Musk has long been known for his severe rules and is never a fan of the remote work policy.

He earlier ordered Tesla and SpaceX employees to spend at least 40 hours in the office or leave the company! So we can expect similar regulations at Twitter, too, soon. Employees have already been bracing for this even before Musk took over.


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