One of the biggest changes that Twitter is seeing under Elon Musk is about the platform APIs, where the new management decided to offer far fewer features for a new price value.

As per an announcement, Twitter is relaunching the free tier with very limited features than earlier, while the Basic tier is priced at $100 a month for interested developers – catering to more features than the free tier. There’s also an enterprise tier for curated features, with no specific pricing mentioned.

Twitter New APIs For Developers

One of the many refinements that Elon Musk is doing for Twitter is regarding its APIs – which help third-party developers to connect their apps to Twitter for an improved experience. While it’s a needed item, Elon Musk is updating the current APIs with fewer features, and for new pricing!

As per Twitter, the new platform APIs have three tiers – a Free Tier that’s suitable for “testing” purposes,” where accounts can post up to 1,500 tweets a month, a Basic Tier for $100 a month that lets developers post up to 3,000 tweets a month at the user level, and up to 50,000 a month at the app level. It also offers a read limit of 10,000 tweets a month, which is far less than what was previously offered.

Well, there’s an Enterprise Tier for businesses to take advantage of customized access, that Twitter says can be tuned to suit “your and your customer’s specific needs.” It’s unclear what will happen to researchers and academics who rely on Twitter’s API for their work.

Twitter has already informed the community that a lot of services relying on its older APIs could soon stop working – and asked the developer community to migrate to the new versions of APIs, to secure their access. Well, we’re yet to see how many developers will like to jump into this boat, considering the new versions are less valuable than their predecessors.


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