After Google made a website for giving authentic updates on COVID-19, Twitter is making its own contribution now. The American microblogging platform is verifying and approving several health experts who provide credible updates. Twitter on Thursday said that it’s prioritizing health professionals in giving them a Blue-Tick (verified badge) as its part of disseminating genuine information.

Twitter on Covid19
Twitter on Covid19

Twitter said that it’s working with global public health authorities to identify experts, so as to give them verified badges. This would help them push quick and genuine updates about the ongoing pandemic. It said have approved hundreds of such professionals to date, already. Further, it’s even considering suggestions from the community too! Users could suggest local health experts who may are reputed enough to give health information.

How to get a verified badge?

If you’re a certified health professional, you need to update your profile as per Twitter guidelines for obtaining a Blue-Tick. This is to put a link to your organization or institution you’re working in, and there should be a reference for you to back on Twitter. Moreover, you need to set up your email address that’s provided by your organization, on your profile bio, alongside the URL said before.

Though Twitter announced yesterday, this has been long since its inception. Any user who wanted to get a verified badge shall go through the same procedure. The only niche is that you’ve to be crucial enough for the community.

This new step is a part of Twitter’s pursuit of cracking down the hoax information. This type of verification will help to pull down the objectionable content that’s against health organizations and even includes conspiracy theories and baseless precautions. This would help the community to get genuine information quickly, as the updates are bottlenecked to allow only authentic professionals.


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