A hard job of finding authentic websites for Coronavirus information has come to an end now. After Trump suggested Google to make up a website for Coronavirus, the search engine giant did it at last. Google made information cards and a website for disseminating genuine information, that’s picked from several government websites. It crafted the cards and website in a simple way to be accessible by most, quickly.

Everything about Coronavirus at one place

The Cards

A simple search as Coronavirus into Google’s search bar would garner Google’s info cards at the top now. This will be followed by general news from several publishers as usual. The cards, primarily, would help users know an overview, symptoms, prevention and treatment methods of the virus. This could be helpful as glancing information for now.

Further, scrolling down you’d see the Help and Information section, which shows more details about this pandemic from relevant local public authorities and WHO.

The website

If not from cards, one could know more about the virus from Google’s freshly crafted website too. The website google.com/covid19 will show live statistics, prevention, and symptoms videos, precautionary measures, etc. Instead of dumping scientific information, Google simply linked several public authorities’ websites to reroute users.

Google results showing nearest hospitals

At last, there’s a donation card from Google asking users to donate to the UN Foundation, and matching your contribution with twice their funds. Aside from information about Coronavirus, it even has suggestive blogs for remote working jobs, ideas about what to do at home, how to self-quarantine, traveling measures, etc. You could see heat-maps of areas being affected with the virus, Google trend on searches, diet, and accommodation suggestions throughout this period, etc.

All these resources are helpful, thus, we too recommend you to stay updated about the ongoing pandemic, and take precautions as suggested. Stay safe.

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