Darryl Julius Polo and Luis Angel Villarino, both of them are convicted for illegally copying and distributing the copyrighted content for their subscribers without permissions. These two have recently admitted their wrongdoings before the court and are sentenced for further hearing.

In the realm of digitalization, almost every service is going onto the internet and is being provided to innumerable across the world. Movie shows or television content are the best things to describe which are easily passed or infringed. So here’s a story of two (or more) people who made pirated content streaming more sophisticated than the actual providers.


Darryl Julius Polo (aged 36) has pleaded guilty in court for the crimes of copyright infringement, which includes the illegal sourcing, reproduction and commercial distribution of tens of thousands of content (in terms of TV episodes and movies) from various original providers without permissions. Further, he was proved guilty for the public performance of these content and money laundering acts.

Two Men Plead Guilty in US Court For Illegally Maintaining Popular Pirate Sites
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Darryl, on his site of iStreamItAll, has maintained a vast library of more than 118,479 different television episodes and 10,980 individual movies, which is more content than Netflix, Amazon’s Prime, Hulu, Vudu’s combined! He then urged many of those legally watching subscribers via email to cancel their subscriptions and switch onto iStreamItAll.

Further, his computer algorithm was capable of scouring many pirate sites for new illegal content to download, process, and store them on iStreamItAll’s server in Canada which is then accessible for his thousands of subscribers. He was found earning over $1 million on the Usenet NZB indexing site as SmackDownOnYou.

Aside from Darryl, the other convicted, Luis Angel Villarino was also found guilty for doing such illegal procuring of content in association with iStreamItAll. The service is so sophisticated that, the latest content released by original vendors is immediately procured and made availing for their (Jetflicks) subscriber soon. Further, they made the availability on smartphones, tablets, smart televisions, video game consoles, digital media players, set-top boxes, web browsers and many varieties of computer operating systems.

Both these confessions were heard at the Court for the Eastern District of Virginia with the next hearing of these both (Darryl and Luis) set to March 13th and March 20th, 2020 respectively. And the trail of rest players in the gang is set for February 3rd, 2020. In addition, these both were also associated with another pirate site called Jetflicks, which sources and lets users download the infringed content.

Source: US Department of Justice


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