In this guide, I have explained what queued means in Gmail. Have you been trying to send multiple emails but unable to do so? You see that the mail that is yet to be delivered has a tag “queued” beside it.

The issue of queued email in Gmail can occur on the Gmail web, Android, and iOS. When mail is tagged as queued, it cannot be delivered to the recipient right away.

Let us understand why this problem occurs and what tips we can follow to fix the queued emails issue on all the platforms for Gmail.

What Does Queued Mean in Gmail?

Let us understand the situation of queued emails in Gmail. These are the emails that have been drafted but are not sent. Instead, they are waiting in a queue due to one or more technical errors.

The mail service provider dispatches these emails only when the issue causing the emails to get stuck in the queue has been fixed.

Reasons Why Emails Get Queued on Gmail?

Here are some of the common reasons for emails getting queued on Gmail.

  1. Unstable network that is constantly disconnecting.
  2. A bug on the Gmail app or Gmail web.
  3. The email size exceeds 25MB.
  4. The Gmail app cache is corrupt.
  5. You are exceeding the threshold of emails you can send.
  6. Your device may have low storage space.
  7. The Gmail server may be down.

Best Tips to Fix Queued Email in Gmail

Here are a couple of troubleshooting tips to change the status of queued emails and send them successfully. All these fixes will work just fine on Gmail for Android, iOS and Gmail web.

1. Fix the Network Issues

You may restart your WiFi router and reconnect your device to the network. If the network woes persist, ditch the faulty WiFi network and connect your phone/PC to a stable network.

2. Disable and re-enable the Gmail Sync

If you are facing the email queue issue on the Gmail app, then undertake this fix.

  1. Launch Gmail > tap the 3-bar menu button > tap on Settings from the menu.
  2. Select the Gmail account > Scroll to Sync Gmail > tap to uncheck the box.
    turn off Gmail sync
  3. Restart the phone and launch Gmail.
  4. Follow steps 1 and 2. Beside Sync Gmail, tap the checkbox to enable the sync.

3. Clear the Cache of the Gmail App

If you are using the Gmail app for Android, follow these steps to clear the cache of the app.

  1. Long press the app icon > tap on the App Info icon in the shortcut menu.
  2. Tap Storage & Cache > Clear cache.
    clear cache of Gmail app
  3. Launch Gmail and try to resend the email.

4. Enable the Background Data for Gmail

With Background data active, Gmail can sync the new emails that you draft and prepare to send to a recipient.

  1. Long press the Gmail app icon > Tap App Info > Tap Mobile Data and WiFi.
  2. Scroll to Background Data and tap the switch beside it to activate it.
    enable background data for Gmail app

5. Send Emails Less than 25 MB

Ensure that the email you are sending is less than 25 MB. Otherwise, upon exceeding this value, the email won’t be delivered to the recipient. If you have attachments accompanying the email, compress them into a zip file.

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6. Disable Offline Mail on Gmail

When you enable offline mail on Gmail, all emails will redirected to Gmail outbox. To disable it,

  1. Open Gmail on the web > click Settings > Click See all settings.
    Gmail see all settings
  2. Click the Offline tab > uncheck the Enable offline mail checkbox.
    disable offline mail in Gmail

7. Update Gmail App

Here are the steps to update the Gmail app on Android and iOS devices.

  1. On Android devices, launch Play Store > tap the connected Gmail account avatar.
  2. Tap on Manage Apps & Device > Tap Updates Available.
    Gmail updates available
  3. If Gmail has a new version available, tap on Update to install it.

For iPhone users,

  1. Launch the App Store > tap the connected Apple ID avatar.
  2. Then check if Gmail for iOS has any updates pending.
  3. Tap on the Update button to step up the application to a new build.
    update Gmail for iOS

8. Check if Google Servers are Down

At times, Google servers managing the Gmail may have gone down due to upkeeping. It happens rarely, but it can be one of the reasons for emails not getting sent and remaining on the waiting list.

Go to the Downdetector website and search for Gmail. If there is an issue with server outage, wait until the problem is fixed at Google’s end. Then you can resume sending your emails on Gmail.

check if Gmail server is down

Wrapping Up

I hope this guide clears all your doubts regarding what “Queued” means in Gmail. If you are unable to send an urgent email that is stuck in the queue, use the tips in this guide to fix the issues and shoot the mail right away.