Despite being the widely used instant messenger in the world, WhatsApp is missing a few essential features even today. While it’s keeping it simple, its rivals, Signal, Google’s RCS and Apple’s iMessage are growing in terms of features and users. Now, WhatsApp is reported to be making dedicated clients for desktop, along with video/voice calling features in them.

WhatsApp Desktop Client With Voice/Video Calling

WhatsApp New Features
WhatsApp New Features

People say WhatsApp has fallen behind in terms of innovation since it doesn’t come up with any new features and even struggles with expanding cross-platform support. This is true, the world’s largest instant messenger doesn’t even have a dedicated client for iPad and Mac to date.

While the maker had promised these a long back, they haven’t arrived yet. While it’s a smaller rival, Signal is expanding rapidly since the worldwide lockdowns.

The work-from-home culture had pushed people to rely on online services much and to work through their home gadgets mostly. This demands having a video/voice calling features inbuilt in software for collaboration.

While Zoom, Cisco’s WebEx, Microsoft Teams, etc offer them, they’re purely for work. People demand having the essential features like Voice and Video Calling on platforms which they use mostly – thus the WhatsApp, that’s having a base of more than 2 billion. And WhatsApp is trying to just that.

As per WaBetaInfo, digging into the beta builds of WhatsApp’s Desktop client reveals options to voice and video calling. It has even shared screenshots confirming the availability of this feature, which could show up in the next versions probably. Also, with the expansion of calling support, we can expect the team to make dedicated clients to iPad and Mac devices too.


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