After testing it in the beta channel for a while, WhatsApp is now bringing the feature – extension of deleting a sent message within 60 hours – to the public.

With this, users can delete a message within 60 hours after begin sent – provided that the other party hasn’t seen it. Currently, the limit is set to just 1 hour, which is still okay. Though WhatsApp extended this limit, netizens are furious about not working on necessary features like editing sent messages.

Deleting a WhatsApp Message in Chat

One of the best advantages of using third-party messengers is the ability to delete sent messages. Users will be able to do this in a given span and in cases of sending a wrong message. In WhatsApp, users will be able to delete a sent message within one hour of being sent.

They can choose to delete the sent message only for them or everyone else in the chat – provided that they haven’t seen it yet. While it’s good to have it, WhatsApp is making it better by extending the time limit from one hour to 60 hours!

That’s more than two days to decide whether you want the other person to see your message or not. The extension of the time limit has been in testing for a while and now rolling out to general users. Though it’s good to have some extra time to think about it, the community isn’t happy.

People on Twitter criticized WhatsApp for not rolling the important features – like the ability to edit sent messages and removing the message deletion notification to another party in chat. These are some of the highly requested features the community has been asking for years.

Though WhatsApp is working on an edit button, it’s still a long way to come. Though it’s slow, the platform is fulfilling each requested feature one by one.


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