With WhatsApp group calls enabling simultaneously streams of up to 32 people, users may not notice who’s joining or leaving the calls in between.

To let them know, WhatsApp is adding an indicator at the bottom of an ongoing group call to display the name of a person who joined the call. Further, participants can be able to message or mute certain people in a group call, to cut the disturbances or make private conversations while on the call.

New WhatsApp Group Call Features

With more people gearing towards collaboration tools since the COVID-19 pandemic, WhatsApp to is focusing much on its groups to accommodate people’s needs. In this pursuit, we’ve seen the platform extending the group call limit to 32 participants, and the overall group participants limit up to 512 people.

And now, it’s working on refining the group calls experience for everyone. After letting people leave group calls without notifying anyone, WhatsApp is now working to notify people whenever someone joins an ongoing group call.

As per screenshots shared by Will Cathcart, head of WhatsApp, the platform will display an indicator with the added person’s name and profile picture to let everyone know.

Further, the group participants can be able to message or mute any participant in an ongoing group call. Tapping on the menu button of the concerned contact will popup these options, which are very helpful to numb those noisy participants, as people often forget to mute their calls.

All these features are seen in the latest version of WhatsApp for Android and iOS, rolling out to everyone gradually. For the last couple of months, WhatsApp is on a roll in introducing new features – all to compete against the heating competition.

While the chat platforms like Snapchat and Telegram are preparing for premium versions of their platforms, WhatsApp is commercializing only its business API for now, letting individuals use the platform for free as always.


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