In its latest Android beta, WhatsApp is said to be testing support for screen sharing in video calls – similar to other rival messengers.

This would enable users to see others’ screens if shared in an ongoing video call and interact better. While the device requirements of this feature are yet to be known, it will supposedly block screen sharing of sensitive items like passwords or OTT content.

Screen Sharing in WhatsApp Video Call

Competing hard with its rival messengers, WhatsApp is working on a number of new features to its platform lately. One among them is the support for screen sharing in an ongoing video call.

This feature was spotted in WhatsApp beta for Android v2.23.11.19, where users can share their screens in a live video call. This is helpful for remotely diagnosing any device issues or explaining something with slides to others. This feature has already been in other notable messengers like Telegram, FaceTime, and Google Meet for years.

While it’s unknown when this feature will arrive and what device it supports, WhatsApp may likely block sharing screens from apps with FLAG_Secure tags. Password managers and OTTs are examples of these since they carry sensitive or proprietary data.

Thus, blocking their stream and preventing screenshots is expected. This addition comes after other notable features like WhatsApp message editing, Chat Lock, and improvements to polls.

Aside from this, WhatsApp is also reportedly working on dedicated usernames for its users, similar to Telegram. When available, users may be allowed to set a unique username for their WhatsApp accounts – and let others find them through this. This is a much better alternative than sharing your phone number with others.

Further, there are reports of WhatsApp Businesses able to archive statuses after 24 hours, so be able to re-share them later.


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