WhatsApp is testing a new way to see the status of our contacts, similar to Instagram’s where we can check them from users’ profile icons.

Anyone who has uploaded a new status will have their profile icon surrounded by a dark green circle, indicating a new status update from them to view. Users can click on the icon to view or go through the regular status section to view. This support is seen in the desktop app of WhatsApp only, as of now.

Status Viewing From Profile Icon

As reported by WaBetaInfo, WhatsApp in its latest version of the desktop app is testing a new way to let users view their contacts’ statuses through their profile icons.

This is similar to what we’re seeing on the Instagram app, wherein DMs, the contacts’ profile icon is specially circled if there’s a new status update from them. The same has been coming to WhatsApp, as the platform is already testing in its desktop app.

Previously, we have seen WhatsApp is testing quick emoji reactions to users’ status, similar to Instagram’s. And also the emojis reactions to messages in a conversation, which is available in rival messengers for so long.

And now, watching the status through profile icons is a good way too. The screenshots shared by WaBetaInfo show that opening the master search in the WhatsApp desktop app shows the contacts list in alphabetical order, which is common. But, we also see the contacts bearing a dark green circle around their profile icons if have uploaded a new status.

Status Viewing From Profile Icon

Tapping on the icon will show that status, and turns the circle null after being viewed. This is just another way to view the status of contacts, alongside the regular status list view of the app. This increases the visibility of statuses, by hopefully not making clutter in the chat list view.


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