Any chat messenger without support for stickers is mostly disliked by the users. Popular platforms like WhatsApp, Telegram, Messenger, etc have them now.

But, what good if these sticker packs aren’t able to be shared with your friends, and have fun together. Thus, WhatsApp launched a quick share button in iOS for sharing native sticker packs with friends on the same platform.

Sharing WhatsApp Stickers

WhatsApp Will Now Let iOS Users Share Their Sticker Packs With Others

These days, a chat conversation between two friends on a platform like WhatsApp is never done without the use of stickers in between.

They make the chat fun and lighten up the mood. Some stickers are soo good that they depict our reaction to a certain response better than a text reply. Thus, these should be preserved and shared for having more fun.

Few chat messengers like Telegram and Viber have this support already, while Facebook Messenger and Signal are yet to have it. But even before them, WhatsApp brings this support on its iOS client, with on Android coming soon.

As revealed by WaBetaInfo, WhatsApp rolled out support for sharing sticker packs to other users on its iOS client. Thus, WhatsApp Beta users on iPhone can share desired sticker packs with their contact list just like a forwarded message.

A thing to note here, you can only share WhatsApp’s native sticker packs for now, so there’s no support for third-party sticker packs. And to verify you’re eligible for this, go to the sticker section by tapping on “+” in the chat section.

Navigating to the sticker section you’ll find all the sticker packs available for download. Opening any of the default (native) packs, you should see a share button available at the top right of the window. Click on it and share to desired people on your chat list.

This support is available for the WhatsApp iOS Beta client only for now, and could soon come to Android counterparts.


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