Latest rankings of prevailing Windows 10 OS in the ecosystem reveals that the Windows 10 20H2 and last year’s v1909 are gaining popularity. While this year’s Windows 10 May update, v2004 is still at rank one, it’s gradually losing popularity along with last year’s v1903, which is being auto upgraded by Microsoft now.

Windows 10 20H2 Gains Significant Popularity

Since Microsoft has earlier announced that there would be no Windows 11 and after, the ongoing battle is just between the several iterations of Windows 10 only. And the recent report from AdDuplex revealed the usage of several Windows 10 versions today.

It says the Window 10 20H2, which was launched in October this year has been gaining traction lately. It rose from 1.7% to 8.8% as per November statistics. On the other hand, the Windows 10 20H1 or version 2004, which was launched in May this year is losing its base gradually.

Windows 10 stats

While it’s still in the top position with 37.6% (has fallen just 0.01% since October 2020), it seems to be falling apart considering the rapid growth of v20H2. Alongside, the Windows 10 1909, which was launched in autumn last year, is with 36.4% userbase, thus standing in rank two.

Also, Windows 10 1903, which was launched in spring last year has rank three, with a 10.2% share. This version has rapidly lost share because Microsoft is updating the users in v1903 to v1909 automatically. And this caused the v1903 to lose about 22% in October alone.

All these numbers could change when Microsoft announces to launch Android subsystem support next year. It’s touted that the company is working internally to develop support for running Android apps in Windows 10 PCs, which may require users to be on the latest version to try, thus pushing v20H2 up or 2021 versions.


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