Several Windows 10 and 11 users are reporting app crashing issues after installing the latest cumulative update – of May 2022. These updates are named KB5013942 (for Win10) and KB5013943 (Win11).

Microsoft acknowledged this issue and said apps that rely on the GPU would face some unexpected issues. Although it didn’t mention working on a fix for it, we expect it to come soon.

App Crashing Issues in Windows 10 and 11

Microsoft passing glitchy updates to fix past problems isn’t new, as we the Windows OS users are so used to it now. Lately, several users have reported facing issues after installing the May 2022 cumulative update for both Windows 10 and Windows 11.

These updates are aimed at fixing the bugs spotted in the last update, including a serious startup delay issue that’s causing the system to boot for 40 minutes! And since it’s a cumulative update, users can’t skip this.

Microsoft rolls out monthly cumulative updates as they contain security patches, so there must. Yet, some users reported they could not install the May 2022 update. Well, they’re lucky though, as many who have installed are reporting more issues now.

Cumulative Updates: May 10th, 2022 from Windows10

These include the crashing of Event Viewer and other apps. Event Viewer is Microsoft’s monitoring tool for checking the logs of apps and system messages, including errors, alerts, and warnings. Thus, it’s a necessary tool for the system admins.

This issue is reported by Windows 10 users, who noted it after installing the KB5013942 (May 2022) update. For Windows 11 users, it’s the KB5013943 causing similar issues. While a good thing here is that Microsoft acknowledged the issue and said it’s affecting only a small number of apps.

Apps that rely on the GPU might close unexpectedly or experience intermittent issues, said the company, without telling it’s working on it. Although, we hope it’s readying a fix, which may come in the next month’s update.


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