Microsoft is set to bring a new tool called “Color Picker” in the next update of the Windows 10 PowerToys. As per Microsoft, the new tool will allow users to pick a color of their choice from any part of the screen and copy it to the clipboard. The color code details provided by the tool is the actual feature and will be coming in PowerToys version 0.20 on July 31st.

Microsoft PowerToys Will Have a Color Picker Tool

Microsoft has been making specialized tools to let power users make most of their software. For them to serve, the maker has created a program called PowerToys, where every new power feature will be offered for power users to try. And the upcoming update, PowerToys version 0.20 would have a new feature called – Color Picker Tool.

This new tool will have the ability to pull out the color code of any color that’s being under the cursor. This was explained by Microsoft as,

ColorPicker is a simple and quick system-wide color picker. Color Picker allows to pick colors from any currently running application and automatically [sic] copies the HEX or RGB values to your clipboard.”

Thus, if you’ve found a specific color portion of the screen interesting, you can now know the dedicated or universal RGB code of that color. Thereby, you can search for it online to get more of such. This project is headed by Clint Rutkas, the Senior Program Manager of Microsoft Power, where he also revealed that the upcoming PowerToys update will rectify several bugs.

This feature can be activated from the Activation Shortcut, via Settings, and the maker says it’s multimonitor and multi DPI-aware, thus being aware of the screen’s limits and working accordingly. Microsoft said this feature was made after being requested by the community, where Rutkas has collaborated with Martin Chrzan, who found the open-source base of this tool initially.


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