Microsoft has released a new Windows 11 build v22567 to Insiders in the Dev channel, letting them experience a few features and upgrades.

Some of them include an environment-friendly updating process, a new Microsoft account page with more information, and a Smart App Control for monitoring and thwarting any malicious apps. The update also comes with a lot of fixes to previous problems, and a few issues too!

Windows 11 Build 22567 Features

Like every month’s first Wednesday, we see Microsoft rolling a new build version of Windows 11 – v22567. This is dedicated to Dev channel users, and has the following features;

Starting with the Windows Update mechanism, Microsoft intends to follow an environment-friendly updating process through clean energy. So if you’re living in a region with known carbon intensity data, your Windows 11 system will check for updates only at times when more clean energy is available.

This isn’t a big thing, but Microsoft started as a small step towards a green energy initiative. Although, you can always check for updates manually. Next up is a more detailed Microsoft account page, where you can see details on your current Microsoft 365 subscription, payment methods, the price you’re paying, and with whom you’re sharing your subscription.

Lastly, there’s a Smart App Control – a security feature aimed at protecting your system from potentially dangerous and unknown applications. Once enabled, you’ll see the app running in the background to understand your usage patterns, so as to determine when to interfere and when not to.

And if it’s able to do so, it’ll remain. If not, it will kill itself not to cause any obstruction. This app is available to only those who make a fresh installation of the build v22567, and not for those who’re updating normally. Also, there’s an ability to pair your phone to the system (through Your Phone) at booting time.


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