Microsoft has just released a documentation site for interested Android app developers, to bring and manage their Android apps on Windows 11.

Microsoft shall soon support the Windows Subsystem for Android, which will let users install and run Android apps from Amazon Appstore and Epic Games Store.

Android Apps in Windows 11

Just like Microsoft brought Windows Subsystem for Linux on community’s demand, it’s now bringing the Windows Subsystem for Android to Windows 11. Once this is life, we shall have the long-awaited android apps support on our PCs, making our lives easier.

The company announced that this support will not be available in Windows 11 out-of-the-box package, and will be coming later. And making this true, Microsoft published documentation for guiding developers to bring their Android apps on Windows 11.

This site informs the interested developers on how to set up the developer environment of Amazon Appstore, and handle the input compatibility considerations for Windows devices involving keyboards, mice, and window management.

Microsoft earlier revealed the partnership with Amazon and Epic Games for bringing their app stores to Windows 11, which will let users run eligible Android apps on their PCs. And with the documentation now saying “only a small set of apps selected by Microsoft and Amazon are available,” expect few apps when officially launched.

Though Microsoft stated the Windows Subsystem for Android is “currently only available through preview in the Windows Insiders Program“, it’s not yet activated in either Beta or Dev channels. But, we hope to see it soon, given that the developer documentation for onboarding apps is out now.

Microsoft bringing support for Android apps is a big move and is necessary to keep the Windows ecosystem alive. For a long, users are forced to use third-party emulators for running Android apps on Windows PCs. And with native support now, we shall see more productivity flowing through the works.


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