The hype for Windows 11 can soon be done for many, as Microsoft revealed certain hardware requirements that may put numerous systems out of the equation already.

The basic system requirements for Windows 11 have been revealed, and found that Microsoft wants laptops should have at least a webcam of 720p resolution. This is mandated from 2023, where we can see all laptops with Windows 11 pre-installed have a specified webcam by default.

Windows 11 Laptop Webcam Requirement

Earlier, Microsoft mentioned the basic requirements for running Windows 11, which has a core part that might put numerous systems out of the ecosystem. This is TPM, a hardware chip that powers encryption and other security functions in a system.

Microsoft is taking privacy and security seriously in Windows 11. But, unfortunately, it mandates having the latest version of this chip or an old one with Secure Boot support. While this may bar many from upgrading to the latest OS, here’s another requirement that might kill your hope.

A mandatory Webcam! Yes, Microsoft in a support document wants all systems (except desktops) to have a webcam from 2023 for running Windows 11. While we wonder how it’s going to affect the new OS, Microsoft said, it helps in;

  • Boot and run Windows
  • Update and service Windows
  • Provide a baseline user experience that is comparable with similar devices and computers.

This might seem typical, as excluding the new OS for systems not having Webcam in the future isn’t good. But Microsoft wants to give the best user experience can’t be blamed.

Also, Microsoft wants not just a simple webcam, but at least an HD (720p) one. This is a major bump from the VGA webcam requirement in Windows 10. Further, the HD webcam should also support auto white balance and auto exposure.

Other requirements like 15FPS capture in lighting conditions over 200 lux and 10FPS for low-light scenarios remain.


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