Swimming against the stream, Xiaomi is planning to launch a handset with Retractable Wide-Aperture Lens. While this is an old idea, none have taken steps to reinvent and introduce a phone with such technology again. The company has teased its experiment with such a Retractable lens, though it didn’t mention any other details.

Xiaomi’s New Phone to Have a Physical Zoom Lens

Smartphone cameras have come a long way from single sensors of 0.1MP to all the way upto 108MP. Today’s OEM has become so understanding that mobile users demand a better camera to take great shots. Thus, to have better clarity, OEMs started adding more lens and dividing jobs.

The new-age smartphones include a dedicated lens for wide-angle and ultra-wide shots, telephoto captures, B/W, macros, etc. types of photography. Some handsets come with more than 4 lenses to appeal better. While this being the case, Xiaomi is now trying to backtrack the trend by introducing a Retractable Wide-Aperture Lens.

Xiaomi to Launch a Physically Zoom-in Camera Lens Soon
Xiaomi to Launch a Physically Zoom-in Camera Lens Soon

The company announced this through its Weibo account and later in a blog post, where it said to be working on a phone with the retractable lens. While this cannot put the handset’s recording ability on par with DSLRs or mirrorless cameras, it gives the user to zoom in physically. This gives a better picture than what other multi-lens cameras do.

Xiaomi’s decision of this could be inspired by the earlier model of Samsung’s Galaxy K Zoom. While Xiaomi didn’t specifically mention the aperture size, it said it’s made to absorb 300% more light than others and have a new image stabilization tech to be more stable, thus increasing the picture’s sharpness by 20%.

Though Xiaomi is having a great time with its smartphones already, it needs to reinvent itself to have a particular niche and make profits better than others. While we can’t expect this retractable lens to be set in the next flagship, a dedicated lineup with this technology may soon come up, ditching the need for additional lenses.


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