Since June this year, YouTube has warned its non-Premium users to use ad blockers, that it’ll disable the account if they don’t allow ads.

They’re given three strikes before restricting the account, pushing them to the legitimate use of subscribing to YouTube Premium. Well, this warning banner has now added a timer, which, if completed, may count in as a strike.

YouTube’s Three-Strike Policy

YouTube is one of the many platforms that people take for granted. The video platform has vast content and over 2.5 billion users worldwide, standing as a monopoly service in its segment. Yet, they let go of people who use ad blockers, despite the practice denting its revenue.

This dent is getting so significant as YouTube started warning non-Premium of using ad blockers and will deactivate their account if they don’t let ads play through. This warning campaign began in late June when some users reported seeing the three-strike policy – allowing them to pass through the ad-blocker warning thrice – before restricting their account.

The company is also pushing users to follow a legit path of streaming YouTube content – by subscribing to its Premium plan, which comes with many benefits, including ad-free streaming. This warning banner has now added a timer to intimidate the users further.

Bro please they keep just making it worse, now its got a timer on it.
by u/MaybeCrispWaffles in youtube

While it’s unknown how long this timer is, Android Police said the range lies between 30 to 60 seconds. The rest of the warning content remains the same. The platform continues highlighting the perks of its Premium subscription and lets you choose between Allow YouTube Ads and Try YouTube Premium on the warning banner.

Though some users are lucky enough not to see these popups already, YouTube will soon push everyone to choose either its suggested path. Though some try to evade tricks, the company shall craft new rules to suck the community back after being taken for granted.