Leveraging a specific Android 12 feature, YouTube Music is spotted displaying music suggestions to users right on the notification screen.

This is reportedly said to be triggered only when the user plugs something into the USB/audio jack or connects to a Bluetooth headset. With suggestions on the locked notification screen, users tapping on any of them will play the music the right way without launching the app.

YouTube Music Recommendations

Out of many features that Google added to Android 12, Show Media Recommendations is one that’s not leveraged by any music player yet. But Google’s sister service – YouTube Music, is taking advantage of it for good.

As spotted by 9to5Google, the YouTube Music app is seen displaying music recommendations to users right on their notification panel. This happens even if the device is locked, but only when it’s connected to a Bluetooth headset or something inserted into a USB or audio port.

YouTube Music Recommendations

The suggestions are displayed as a card, which comes with the YouTube Music logo and three recommendations, which can be expanded from the notification panel to see additional three recommendations. Tapping on any of the shortcut recommendations will start playing the music album right away, even without launching the app.

Well, if the user doesn’t like this, he can disable these recommendations by going to Settings app > Sound & vibration > Media > and turning off Show media recommendations. Aside from this, YouTube Music also expanded the Recommended Radios to more people.

This is a personalized service that suggests to users radio stations based on their interests. These could either be music from favorite artists or more general topics from podcasts etc. YouTube Music started testing this in February this year and now rolling out widely to everyone.


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