Tesla’s Cybertruck has received a lot of criticism, specifically for its design. The carrier’s design has inspired a lot of things lately. One such thing is a bike, that’s made by an electric vehicle firm and trailed by a YouTuber. The bike has copied nothing except the body design of Cybertruck, which was made of stainless steel. This was replicated with aluminum to resemble it.

Tesla Cyber Bike
Tesla Cyber Bike

Just to cover the testing vehicle!

Casey Neistat, a vlogger on YouTube showed off this bike in his video posted on February 3rd this year. He trailed this new custom made bike throughout the streets and amazing public. When dug into details, it’s revealed that the bike was made by SUPER73, an electric bike manufacturer. This firm reached out to Casey for testing, but want to hide the actual design prior to release, thus camouflaged it with Tesla’s Cybertruck design!

Aside story, this bike’s specifications include the milage range of 40 miles (64 km) on a single charge. With a battery of 960W/h, it can reach upto a speed upto 20 mph (32 kmph). These could differ when the actual bike is launched. Further, its body was made up of aluminum, rather than what Tesla used for its Cybertruck – a
space-grade stainless steel exoskeleton.

It’s nice, but not feasible.

Though it shared the Cybertruck’s hype a bit, it’s never gonna live up. The manufacturer, SUPER73 itself declared it has no plans if making such a bike true. Further, SUPER 73-RX (name of this bike) seemed inconvenient in few instances while trailed by Casey. The hard bars and improper body made it hard for steering bikes often. Further, it’s fairly comfortable for a single person only.

Expected design of SUPER 73-RX

It’s got a custom made cup at the rear to fit small things, like 6-case beers as shown by Casey. But it’s hard for any second person to sit. After all, it’s more like a prototype and is just for trailing the actual bike’s capabilities within. What do you think of this?


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