Zoom’s been having all unwanted publicity lately, mostly on its security issues. The video conferencing app has received a lot of attraction, and at the same time, criticism for being soft on privacy grounds. Now, there’s a hacker selling Zoom’s zero-day vulnerabilities in a dark web forum for $5,000-$30,000. The reported vulnerabilities were claimed to be if glitches in webcam settings and microphone issues, all that can be used for exploiting like Zoombombing.

Glitches in the platform for $30,000!

As Motherboard reported, there’s an active selling activity happening in the dark web of Zoom’s Zero-day vulnerabilities. Zero-day vulnerabilities are those security flaws discovered by a third-party, even before the maker noticed.

Hackers are selling Zoom exploits on the dark web
Hackers are selling Zoom exploits on the dark web

These can be of high value, as by the time maker or user notices something suspicious, a hacker could’ve exploited already. The issues that were sold in this incident were regarding security flaws in microphone to webcam and others. These can be mined for more opportunities.

This data set of vulnerabilities were reported to be sold for a price tag, ranging between $5,000 to $30,000. That’s huge and justifies Zoom’s popularity. The video conferencing app has gained over 200 million users in March, which explains how dependent people are turning on video conferencing apps. Along with it, Microsoft Teams, Skype, Slack, Cisco’s WebEx, etc are also gaining popularity amidst Coronavirus breakout.

Zoom has been under close watch by authorities and security researchers for any possible vulnerabilities, as any single opportunity for hackers could cause the platform to disrupt in a harsh way. Activities like Zoombombing have happened previously. Zoom’s CEO, Eric S Yuan said the platform will be now be focusing on improving safety and security features for the next 90 days.

Via: BusinessLine


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