AMD’s senior vice president, Forrest Norrod has announced that their company has obtained a license from the US government to supply components Huawei. This gives hope to the Huawei, which was banned from transacting with US companies over security reasons. Though AMD doesn’t make smartphone chips, it makes mobile chips used in Huawei laptops.

AMD Reportedly Gets Permission to Supply Parts to Huawei

Naming Huawei along with few other Chinese companies in the Entity List by the US Department of Commerce has significantly impacted their businesses. Specifically, the Huawei, which has been crippled by Trump’s administration who has been attacking Huawei with various security allegations, though none of them was proved with certain proof.

Yet, Huawei’s smartphone business in international markets has fairly affected, with its home market jumping multiple folds due to local sentiment. While Huawei is preparing its native Harmony OS to dodge Google’s Android, it’s seriously impacted by chip designers and makers. Qualcomm, Broadcom, TSMC, Samsung, MediaTek etc have been ordered to stop serving Huawei by the US.

While their support was ended on September 15, the US dictates any company planning to serve Huawei has to get an export license before doing so. While this made Huawei future uncertain, Forrest Norrod, senior vice president and general manager of the data centre and embedded division business of AMD has made an interesting announcement yesterday.

As per reports from the Deutsche Bank Technology Conference held yesterday, Norrod revealed that AMD “has obtained a supply license to Huawei“. Also, the company “is not expected to The US “Huawei ban” has a significant impact on AMD’s business.” Though AMD doesn’t make smartphone chips yet, its Ryzen mobile CPUs are used by Huawei in their laptops.


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