Ever since Trump’s raiding against Huawei, people thought his claims of data stealing and China’s surveillance through Huawei are true. Maybe, it is. But Trump’s persistent attacks on Huawei are visibly done under the name of US-China trade war, which seems settled recently and significantly impacted Huawei. While this was getting personal with another incident of charging their CFO, public anticipates Huawei to take a huge leap against US sanctions to decide it’s in a future existence.

Growing Independent

Reports tell that Huawei’s P30 Mate series is made without using Google components at all, showing Huawei’s changing trajectory from Google. Though the earlier sanctions were eased to an extent, Huawei’s determined to develop its own technology, citing such future uncertainties. And this leads to the introduction of HarmonyOS and HMS.

Huawei is Doing Everything to Dodge US Ban
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While HarmonyOS is touted to be the Android’s quick replacement, Huawei clarified it would take time and can potentially fit for every IoT device out there. The next one’s Huawei Mobile Services, which include a suite of apps for Themes, Music, Games, App Gallery, Video, Browser, Cloud, Virtual Assistant etc. Huawei is pumping billions into developing its HMS to develop the ecosystem, which, by far, have garnered fair returns as millions of users are using the suite already. Yet, there’s a lacking feeling of Google among users, and that’s how Google impacted our lives all these years.

Battling Getting Personal

Aside from these technological fights, US is getting personal by convincing others to avoid Huawei’s 5G infrastructure and going hard in Huawei’s CFO case.

Meng Wanzhou Huawei’s CFO and daughter of Huawei’s founder-cum-CEO Ren Zhengfei was detained at Vancouver airport on US allegations of bank frauds and other accusations. Now the US, and Huawei are fighting hard on Meng’s extradition. This could be clearly personal as the US got other greater things to fight on, yet it isn’t taking them lightly.

Then another one’s about the 5G revolution. Though Huawei is welcomed in China on its Google-less phone, its sales in other markets flattened. Same is happening with its 5G technology. To say, no other company is as ready as Huawei to deploy 5G infrastructure, but US pressure on Huawei’s customers is intimidating. Earlier, while most of the European nations vowed to leverage Huawei as their 5G partner, Trump’s opinions are forcing them to thwart this tech.

As 2020 has just begun, both these cases of extradition and 5G decisions which confirms by this month-end shall give Huawei and the public what its future could be.

Source – Forbes


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