In a recent interview with CNN, Huawei’s CEO and founder Ren Zhengfei believed his company to be surpassing his competitors soon and will rise to No.1 ranking even without Google’s support.

Huawei, one company seemed to be impacted heavily due to US-China’s recent trade ban. While the US claiming the technology company to be sniffer of the Chinese government, China retaliated with imposing heavy tax duties on US imports. While all these being continued, Huawei, along with other companies have been banned from trading with US firms.

Many believed this to impact Huawei, as stoppage of Google’s services on any Android smartphone will be of no use of them. Yet, Huawei surprised analysts and recorded eye-opening sales in recent times. The company has sold over 65million smartphones in its third quarter, irrespective of the trade ban.

Huawei To Become Top Smartphone Brand Even without Google
Image Via Daily Express

In the interview with CNN, Zhengfei claimed that pulling Google’s suite of services will just make it longer for them in reaching their goal. He confirmed of being strong and continuing their pursuit anyway. He even hinted that Huawei’s working on a huge backup plan. You probably know what that means, Harmony OS.

Harmony OS: The Saviour

In a dashing reply to Google’s ban, Huawei has unveiled its home-made OS HarmonyOS this year. This independent distributed OS will be fitting onto future devices made by Huawei. This bunch includes all the smartphones and its IoT devices. It takes Android’s open-source code to integrate with Harmony OS and make Google/Android apps work. Months back, Huawei anyhow launched its flagship series Mate 30 and MatePad without Google services.

Supporting Statements

At last, after making bold announcements, he concluded appraising the US for being innovative. He added that no country, even China could surpass the US in terms of innovation in decades to come. He stated that the US remains a world superpower in the field of technological innovation for a fine period of future.

Talking about the US ban, he said, “We will have to resort to alternatives. If those alternatives become mature, I think it’ll become less likely to switch back to previous versions”. He believes that this hard time can give birth to new competitors.


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