Among Us, the popular social deduction game has grown to be the 7th most played game in Q3 of 2020. While this number was recorded in the USA, the game has seen similar peak usage in other nations.

Additionally, it has crossed 300,000 players count on Steam. Analysts predict these numbers to go up in Q4 since it gets onto PlayStation and Xbox consoles.

Among Us Gains Massive Player Base

Among Us Becomes 7th Most Played Game in US During Q3 2020
Among Us

While it’s true that people in current lockdown are relying much on online entertainment, it’s interesting to see which platform is being picked by them as most. And in games, Among Us is one of the names that’s been making noise lately. Though the game has been in existence since 2018, it was known to all only after July this year.

This is because several Twitch streamers have started playing it. Also, the game itself is one of a kind. Categorized in the social deduction section, Among Us will make players detect an imposter roaming among them!

These techniques have taken the game to peak after July this year. So much so that it grew from 6771 players to an unbelievable count of 73,159 players on PC (Steam).

These numbers have become so big that it stood at No.7 in the most played game of Q3 of 2020 in the US. Alongside other games as Animal Crossing: New Horizons, NBA 2K21, Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1+2, etc., had made fortunes in Q3 as well.

Among Us has garnered much popularity from the gaming community, and hackers who have earlier targeted the platform with spam to ruin the gaming experience for all.

While the Q3 has been good so far, analysts expect these numbers to go even up in the next quarter, i.e., Q4 2020.

This is because the latest PlayStation and Xbox consoles are launching, and users flock around to play this popular game on them. According to SteamCharts, Among Us has already reached more than 300,000 players on PC.


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