While we’re still processing the freshness of the iPhone 13, rumors regarding the iPhone 15 Pro has come out revealing a stunning development.

As per reports, the Pro variant of the iPhone 15 may come with no SIM card slot! Instead, it will go with an eSIM option. This is one of the steps Apple is taking towards ditching ports and making the handset go completely closed.

iPhones With No SIM Slot

For a long, in the name of innovation and nature, Apple has brought many new features and forgone general equipment. Few among them include ditching the audio jack and charging adaptor. While the former one was to push its AirPods into the mainstream, the latter is left to customers’ fast charging preference.

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Yet, people flock around Apple to buy iPhones. And the handset maker is about to make another such intriguing feat in a couple of years, as per Blog do iPhone. The Brazilian blog said that Apple may ditch the traditional SIM card slot in iPhone 15 Pro, and make them run on the eSIM option instead.

This seemed logical, as Apple is one of the big tech players striving to forge traditional stuff and bring new alternatives like switching to eSIM for connectivity. So the company doing such a thing is anticipated. The report also says that there will be an option for two eSIM options, which isn’t new for iPhone users now.

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Apple Watches are now running on the same option too, on eSIM cards. But, here’s a catch – eSIM support is not available in all the countries worldwide, and how Apple is going to tackle this problem if decides to ditch traditional SIM is a question.

Yet, this is just a rumor as of now. Also, there’s no news on such options for non-Pro variants of the iPhone 15. And even if there’s one, we may see that happening in 2023, as per the company’s timeline.


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