If you’re planning to buy the newly launched Apple Watch Series 8 or the Ultra variant, keep in mind that you should be spending more money on their repair costs too.

As mentioned on Apple’s support website, the repair costs for Watch Series and the Ultra variant can go as high as $499 – depending on the model and the extent of damage it has suffered. Though Apple offers a Care service for some extra money, it’s still pricier than the previous models.

Apple Watch Series 8 and Ultra Repair Costs

While it’s true that Apple Watches are the finest smartwatches we have today, they’re also pricy when it comes to purchasing. And it’s getting even more, pricier with every generation of the new Apple Watches.

The latest in this pursuit, Apple Watch Series 8, has several models ranging up to $499 apiece. And there’s a special sports variant called Apple Watch Ultra (previously rumored as Apple Watch Pro), coming at $799 a piece. As if these aren’t costlier, their repair costs are even more costly.

As per MacRumors, who dug into the Apple Support Website of these smartwatches, the repair costs of the Apple Watch Series 8 can be upto $79 for a battery replacement and $99 for the Apple Watch Ultra.

Whereas for physical damage, the prices will vary depending on the model – with the GPS model of Apple Watch Series 8 (both 41mm and 45mm) coming at a service fee of $299. Whereas the cellular model of Series 8 costs $349, and the stainless steel and Hermès models at $399!

For the Apple Watch Ultra, it’s even more than the stainless steel and Hermès devices, costing you $499. That’s the launch price of Series 8 watches! Although, these are still estimates mentioned on the Apple website, and the final costs will vary based on the actual damage that happened, determined by the technician after inspection.

A good thing here is Apple’s insurance – in the form of Care+ support, which covers these physical damages and even the battery replacement for a slightly higher fee. It costs $69 to $79 for the Apple Watch Series 8 for each repair and a $79 fee for the Apple Watch Ultra.


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