Windows 10 comes with many tools where most of which are unaware of an average user. While most of the hidden and useless to everyone, some can be used for simplifying our lives. One such feature is the Task Scheduler in Windows 10, where you can set a task to be performed automatically when the time is triggered.

This is significantly useful if you’re one of those users who’re doing multiple tasks and need some of them to be done automatically to reduce the workload. Users of Windows 10 can mend this feature to help themselves in most of the tasks. Here’s how to do a simple shut down of your PC using this feature.

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How to Schedule Your PC Shut Down in Windows 10?

Doing this helps when you’re on the run for some other task, with your PC running on an important task. Try this to shut it down automatically at the desired time later;

  1. Open Run in the Windows Search Bar by typing Run or using the shortcut Windows key + R on the keyboard.
  2. In the search box of Run, type as shutdown –s –t 900 and press OK or hit Enter. Schedule Automatic Shut Down

That’s it. The shutdown -s -t commands to shut down. The number 900 is the number of seconds you’ve set (i.e., 15 minutes) to shut down your system automatically. This can be typed into the Command Prompt or in the PowerShell box.

If you wanted to try another task or the same in a different manner using the Task Scheduler, here’s how to do it;

How to Use Task Scheduler to Schedule Shutdown Windows 10?

  1. Firstly, open the Task Scheduler from the Windows Search by typing Schedule or Task Scheduler completely.
  2. Opening it, click on the “Create Basic Task” in the right panel, and set a name and a description if wanted for your task. We take “Shutdown” as a task name since we’re creating a scheduled shutdown.Use Task Scheduler to Schedule Shutdown
  3. Next, you’ll be asked to set a trigger, which is the frequency of this alert you wanted this to happen. For this time, we’ll set it as “One Time” and press Next.Use Task Scheduler to Schedule Shutdown
  4. You should now set the date and time and select “Start a program” in the next Action section.
  5. Moving on, you should be setting the path for this program. Here, we have set that to “C:\Windows\System32” and select the file as “shutdown.exe“.
  6. Now, set the Argument, right beneath the path, as “-s” and proceed to Next and Finish.

That’s it. Your PC will shut down at the specific time/date that you’ve set while scheduling this.

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