You may have noticed that sometimes when you open some sites on Chrome, they push unwanted or misleading ads, which are irritating and sometimes inappropriate. You may get these pop-up ads on any website you are trying to visit. It can be a blog, an e-commerce website, or even a video you watch online. 

Ads can be of different types, like pop-up ads, banner ads, and others. Some can guide you to what you need, while others may be inappropriate and misleading to most users. Ads provide a source of income for website owners and get some business to ad publishers. 

Pop-up ads that you don’t want to see are not only irritating but can also ruin your whole browsing experience. So how can you block such misleading pop-up ads while browsing on Chrome? Google Chrome does have an ad blocker that will help block inappropriate and misleading popup ads. Let’s discuss how you can turn it on. 

Enable Ad Blocker in Chrome Android

If you find the pop-up ads misleading, you can enable an ad blocker to block these ads. Here’s how you can do so-

  1. Open Google Chrome on your Android phone or tablet.
  2. Tap on the three dots icon at the top right corner and select the Settings option.hit the Settings option
  3. Next, tap on Site Settings and then on Ads.Site Settings and then on Ads
  4. Turn off the toggle for the Ads to enable ad blocker on your device.Turn off the toggle for the Ads

Turning off the toggle will enable the ad blocker. If the toggle is turned off by default, then let it be.

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Disable Ad Blocker in Chrome Android

If you want to disable ad blockers on your Chrome browser, then you can follow the steps given below-

  1. Launch Google Chrome on your device.
  2. Open Chrome’s menu and then tap on Settings. 
  3. Here, tap on Site Settings and then tap on the Ads option.
  4. Enable the toggle for Ads to disable the ad blocker on Google Chrome.Enable the toggle for Ads


If you often find pop-up ads on websites you visit inappropriate, you can enable the ad blocker on Chrome for Android.

You can enable the ad blocker on your Chrome by following the steps in this article. We have also discussed how you can disable it. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. How Can I Enable the Ad Blockers in Chrome Android?

This article is for you if you want to enable Ad Blockers in Google Chrome. The steps for enabling the Ad Blockers in Chrome Android are mentioned below. You need to go through with that.

2. Can I Block the Misleading Ads in Chrome?

Chrome has an in-built ad blocker that will block all the intrusive and misleading ads you may get when visiting websites.

3. How to Disable the Ad Blocker in Chrome Android?

If you want to Disable the Ad Blockers in Chrome Android, then the steps for the same are already mentioned above. All you need to do is follow them. 


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