In this interconnected, digital age, there has never been a better time for people to put their name out there. The most effective way of doing this is through a website. From artists and creatives to business professionals and even independent retailers, having a website is crucial. But how can you create your own website for free?

Websites are important to build the virtual storefront of any business – whether as a sole trader, a small company, or an enterprise with huge ambitions. So, they’re crucial to have and vital to get right. Here is a quick rundown of how to build a website for free.

Free Website Builder vs Coding from Scratch

The first step to creating the digital storefront of your business is to decide how you are going to create the website. Some people may opt for a ready-made design, while others decide to code from scratch. 

Website Builder

A ready-made website builder can be beneficial as it saves time – the templates are already created, and the build simply involves dragging and dropping suitable elements. It also uses templates that have been tried and tested by other similar businesses in a variety of sectors. However, there is a limit to what a free website builder allows you to create in terms of complexity.

Coding from Scratch

Coding from scratch could give more flexibility here. After all, you could feasibly create anything. However, it is costly and time-consuming and unless you have a degree or years of experience in coding, you may find your website looks basic.

Coding from scratch may look good, but it takes a lot of work to create even the simplest of designs. If you did end up paying for a website to be built, this could eat into a lot of profit and defeat the purpose of the website itself.

How to Build a Website for Free for Beginners

Choose a Plan

For those just starting out with a website, finding a service with a free plan could be the best option. Not only do they allow you to build your own website free, but they also include SEO tools and templates.

The price tag doesn’t mean that you won’t have a host of features to try. In fact, the free plans have grown so intuitive that they can be optimized for almost all kinds of business: from fitness instructors to artists and marketing professionals.

Choose a Template

The tried and tested free templates are often reflective of the best practices for each industry. For example, creative industries have an image and video-heavy templates, while corporate ones focus more on precision and copy.

Drag and Drop

Once you have discovered the website builder and template you want to use, the next part is easy. Most use the familiar drag and drop concept. So, you’ll begin with a template fitting your website’s needs.

You’ll be able to move over text boxes, titles, and headings for SEO, images, video, and even a blog. Once you begin experimenting, you’ll transform the template into a design that reflects your brand.

Coding Image

Coding vs Free Websites

Coding from Scratch

Coding from scratch isn’t as easy as it sounds. Companies charge thousands to create basic websites in this way precisely because coding takes some skill.

While a basic webpage can be developed through simple HTML programs, it may end up looking like one developed in the 20th Century. For instance, the Space Jam website has been preserved as it was in 1996 and uses very basic web design software.

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Paying for a Website

Some people do decide to go down the paid-for route or have someone code their website from scratch. There is greater freedom this way. There is nothing wrong with this, but, as it costs money, it is a huge commitment.

In the early days of having a website, most people instead opt to find one that can be set up for free. Most people can’t distinguish too much difference between a website custom built from the code upwards and one made using a free website builder.

Having a website has become a must for many in this digital age. Creating one with a free website builder is easy and can provide results instantly. If you just need somewhere to signpost potential customers to or to show off work, and easy to create a website that runs smoothly is sufficient.


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