Cartoon videos are remarkably popular amongst kids. Sometimes, adults also love to consume them. Cable TV, CD, and DVD were the only media to watch. With the advancement of technology, watching cartoons is relatively easier. Sites like CartoonCrazy have always been popular cartoon streaming websites.

It used to be on the Kodi add-on, but now its server goes down most of the time. Many cartoon lovers have failed to access this content-rich website. Thus, we have gathered the best CartoonCrazy alternatives to give you an amazing cartoon experience.

Best CartoonCrazy Alternatives

Tons of cartoon websites are available on the internet. But all of them are not good for kids. This kind of site has loaded with ads. Therefore, we have listed the best sites like CartoonCrazy.

1. Kisscartoons


Beginning with Kisscartoons is one of the finest cartoon streaming websites. The site offers personalized cartoon videos. You can enjoy all cartoon content without registration. You will be notified of upcoming seasons, teasers, and many more if you submit your email.

However, Kisscartoon is free to watch. It shows ads only on its sidebar, which provides an astonishing user experience. Moreover, all of its content is arranged systematically.

2. GoGoAnime


GoGoAnime will be your best pick if you are looking for Japanese cartoon shows. This website is loaded with Japanese cartoon videos that you will love to have on your watchlist. Hence, it has dubbing options as well.

Well-organized GoGoAnime is super simple to navigate efficiently. Unlike other websites, it has fewer advertisements in between the videos. Moreover, the site allows us to download cartoon content to watch further.

3. Anime Planet

Anime Planet is very popular amongst anime lovers. You will see more of any cartoon content here. Moreover, it has a huge library of manga and anime. Specifically, it has Naruto, Dragonball Z or one-piece, and many others.

Anime Planet is organized with categories and topics to showcase all content. Needless to say, it has more than 40000 legal cartoon content to watch. Notable, the endless enjoyment is waving at you.

4. AnimeFlavor

AnimeFlavor is another considerable cartoon streaming service and an ideal CartoonCrazy alternative on our list. Its servers host all types of anime content, including horror, romance, mecha, and fantasy.

Almost every popular anime show and series is available there. You can pick any video; it is organized alphabetically. You can deep-dive into the ocean of the anime world without spending a single penny.

5. AnimeShow

As its name suggests, AnimeShow is an exceptional cartoon-content-rich website. If you talk about the best sites like CartoonCrazy, you can put these two on the same table. Like Gogoanime, AnimeShow is also focused on Japanese cartoon shows.

From romance to adventure, horror to comedy, every type of cartoon content is available there, including action, drama, fantasy, echo, school, shoujo, mechanical, space slice of life, vampire, mystery, etc. So you can assume it’s a huge collection. Moreover, it is also designed for kids and elders.

6. Hulu


Who doesn’t know about the leading streaming service? It is normal to be familiar with it because Hulu is crazily popular in the US and Japan. Since Hulu is owned by Disney, you can get all cartoon episodes, shows, series, and movies from Disney.

Disney is known for its quality anime story and cartoon characters. Aladin is one of my favorite cartoon shows. Beauty and the Beast is another popular episode. However, all these popular episodes will be under your palm with Hulu. But you have to pay for its exclusive service.

7. AnimeFreak

Are you an anime freak? Then look no other than AnimeFreak. It offers a wide range of cartoon content and anime series that can blow your mind. With AnimeFreak, you can watch Rainbow, Goblin Silver, Naruto, Queen’s Blade Unlimited, Hero Mask, Pokemon, Haikyuu, Dragon Ball, One Punch Man, and many other anime.

You can also get free subtitles underneath the video. However, AnimeFreak is a great way to consume cartoon content freely. All in all, AnimeFreak is very much like CartoonCrazy.

8. Otaku Stream

otaku stream

Well, last, we have another top-notch cartoon channel. Otaku Stream is an online cartoon streaming service provider. You can opt for Otaku Stream if you have a strong internet connection. Search for any popular and recently popularity gained anime series. You will get there.

As long as the Otaku Stream works on online playback, you can comment and reply to the videos. Like other websites, the user interface is wonderfully managed. However, you can join there freely with a Facebook or Twitter account.

Final Words

When it comes to kids, we always try our best. Depending on various metrics and factors, we have finalized these websites as the best CartoonCrazy alternatives. Which one will you select first to quench your anime thrice? Let me know in the comment section.


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